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A casual shirt has a more relaxed fit, softer fabric, and more varied designs…

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The first stage is a technical description. Technical descriptions are mostly useful to the people in operations and manufacturing. These descriptions also come in handy while sorting the t-shirts. Hence, you don’t have to worry much about this information if you happen to be the copywriter. These are ideally passed on by the manufacturing team.

A Technical Description must include

  1. Your intended consumer segment
  2. Product type (in our case, t-shirt).
  3. Fiber type i.e. rayon, polyester, etc.
  4. Fabric types such as cotton or chiffon.
  5. Garment attributes, for example, half-lined, seamless, etc.
  6. Closure type i.e. zippers, buttons, velcro, etc.
  7. Size range (XS-XXL).
  8. Origin of the product.

To put it into perspective, here is how a technical t-shirt product description looks like according to Kathleen Fasanella.


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